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xen2.jpg (51400 bytes) Xenia's full name is Xenia Warrior Princess. Not much is known about her origin, She followed Tiny home one day about eight years ago and she has been here ever since.

Xenia presented us with a litter of 13 with one stillborn. Lucy and Runty still live with us.

Xenia appears to be mostly Labrador and is very affectionate and loving.

xenia.jpg (56697 bytes)
Xenia loves children and has been known to occasionally knock them down in her eagerness to lick them. She is a very accurate weather predictor as she is very afraid of storms and sticks like glue to Maw Maw or myself when a storm is coming.

She joins with the other dogs in barking at any strangers, especially the UPS man and the group that "steals" our trash every Thursday. Otherwise she is very laid back and doesn't bother herself with any duties.