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We offer the following services to clients:

bandwbul[1].gif (121 bytes) Cedar Chests
bandwbul[1].gif (121 bytes) Window Seats
bandwbul[1].gif (121 bytes) Armoires
bandwbul[1].gif (121 bytes) Video and CD Racks
bandwbul[1].gif (121 bytes) Build Your Own!

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You need a place to put your stuff.
Your place needs more closet space.
You want to protect out of season clothing.
You are knee deep in video tapes.
You can get finished trunks here, or helpful ideas to build your own whatever!

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Here at Terrific Trunks we have been building chests for tools, toys, and clothing for hobby and utility. Our trunks are attractive and durable, not to mention inexpensive!

Advise us of your requirements and let us build one for you!
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Here is a busy dome building crew enjoying an afternoon break.
We like Geodesics and are currently building one for a new shop area.

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