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shetrc.jpg (52722 bytes) Shelley and Blakeley take a tractor ride on their property in South Alabama.

Shelley is at home on a tractor having grown up in Southern Illinois and spend a lot of time with Daddy on the farm.

Shelley has accumulated a lot of experience in a short time. She got her first computer when she was 8 and has been active in computing ever since.

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Shelley learned boating at an early age. She was a little "shadow" of Dad She picked up a little carpentry helping to build a dome. Grandmaw had an influence and encouraged Shelley to learn to play a saxaphone. Shelley and Dad at her Beach Wedding

Shelley learned early on to take care of herself and the value of work. She tried her hand at serving rice in various forms - China Moon, Annie's Santa Fe, Chi Chi's, Beni Hanna's. She took a turn as a factory worker in a powder coating shop. She joined the Teamsters when she worked for UPS. She even spent a summer as a "Cowgirl" taking a small herd of cattle to county fairs and caring for them during the fair.

She accompanied Dad to Uruguay where she became bi-lingual in Spanish. She also was always ready to go with Dad when he flew the airplane anywhere. She is capable of holding a plane level and on course while Dad was occupied with other duties.

Shelley lives with her husband John and son Blakeley on their property in rural South Alabama. She currently works for the Gulf Shores / Orange Beach Visitors and Convention Bureau and is primarily responsible for their web presence. Visit her site at Gulf Shores.

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Shelley's best accomplishment!!