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Uncle Ray entertains Blakeley and Laine with a tuba selection. Blakeley seems very excited.

Ray started learning the tuba in the sixth grade. Since that time it has been a great influence on his life. He took his senior year of high school at the Interlochten Acadamy of Performing arts. He continued his music study at the University of Miami and The Manhatten School of Music. He has been active as a performer. He toured with the show "Barnham" for a year and has been active with the Meridian Arts Ensemble. He has performed in Europe, Japan, South America, as well as throughout the United States. He met his wife, the lovely Laine, while touring Brazil. She is currently a blossoming Realator in upstate NY. He currently is an Associate Professor for SUNY in Fredonia, NY.

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Ray tries a Cuban cigar on one of the Meridian Arts concerts in Havana. It took some special clearance from the US State Department, but the Cuban concert was approved.
Grandmother Sharon, Laine, Blakeley and Ray relax on Shelley's couch. rayfam.jpg (42228 bytes) Visit Ray's My Space Links:
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