Mini Mark

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luc02.jpg (48931 bytes) domeint[1].jpg (84061 bytes)
erin02.jpg (23363 bytes) The Mini Mark was a fiberglass kit car produced by the same people that made the Maxi - Taxi in Bremen, Indiana. The body was a direct bolt on to the Volkswagen Beetle pan. Because of the seating arangement, the brake and clutch and shift linkage had to be moved back 19" and also the Steering was lengthened. The front suspension was cut, lowered due to lighter body and re welded.

The "Mark" part of the name came from the grill housing which is a FoMoCo Part from the Lincoln Mark IV . It is a "cute" vehicle that is small, uncomfortable, and not too drivable. the wheels supplied with the kit were from American Racing and were "wire basket" They quickly succumbed to rust and the chrome plating on the wheels was poorly applied and soon flaked. These are the same wheels painted aluminum and then chrome-plastic covers applied (as on the side mount spare) for cosmetic purpose.

This app;ication is on a standard 1964 beetle and is a fun car, but seldom driven.

The grand children get a kick out of helping Grandpaw Tom work on the Mini and taking short rides in it. Lucy (above) seems to be saying "Look at me!" while Erin (below) weems more interested in where whe has been than where she is going. Mini Mark.jpg (55347 bytes)  

My daughter, Shelley, has probably put the most miles on it as whe used it all summer the year she was "cow-sitting" at various county fairs around Illinois.