Free Tournament Pages

The tournament pages here are free for use. Some are Original by Willie and most are not.

All pages may be loaded the same. Select a tournament picture and mouseclick on it. A larger Page will open containing a text box.  Click in the text box then press Ctrl and "A"  together. this will "select all" and highlight the text. Then press CTRL and "C" together to copy the highlighted text. Open the tournament you desire to customize from Administer Tournament and select Customize Tournament Layout. In the new page that opens, mouseclick in the box to the right of Custom HTML.  Then press Ctrl and "V" together to paste the text in the box. If you want the background to persist through REGISTER, TEAM-CHECK IN, and so forth copy the background URL  to the background box.

Scroll to bottom of Page and click on Submit. That's it!

Please leave the originator links in place. Click on a page image to view larger picture.
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Designs by Icetigress

Jan's Tourney Designs

Philly's Designs

Just 4 Blondes

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