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Under construction and proposed

domecrew[1].jpg (13990 bytes) Snow[2].jpg (14452 bytes)

Same dome in winter as we prepare to apply Urethane foam to insulate and seal the structure.

Our dome crew takes an afternoon break as dome skeleton rises in background

line4[1].gif (2501 bytes)

Here is a dome garage that we built in Alabama.

domestruc[1].jpg (55701 bytes)  

First, the skeleton from 2" x 2" with 4" schedule 80 PVC hubs.Then we covered it with 1/4" Paneling from salvage.

Built swinging doors and it looked like this:

Of course we didn't want to only enter from the swinging doors, so we built a man sized (if he has a pointy head) door on the side.  It makes a cozy grage with about 12' x 24' free space inside. There are two "D" shaped areas outside the free space. With swinging doors open it looks like this (bottom right)

domegarage[1].jpg (30375 bytes)
domedr[1].jpg (48812 bytes) domedbl[1].jpg (51802 bytes)
domeint[1].jpg (84061 bytes) It is cozy and secure to work inside.

Here some maintenance takes place on the Mini Mark.

You can see the triangle structure (and the recliner) in the background. This is one of the "D" shaped areas.